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The Dermatology Review Panel™ Seal of Approval

ProZema has been approved to carry the Seal of Approval from the Dermatology Review Panel™ (DRP).  ProZema is a unique blend of three patented probiotic strains that reduce the symptoms of eczema and atopic dermatitis.

Who Is The Dermatology Review Panel™?

The Dermatology Review Panel™ is a group of independent dermatologists from across Canada. The dermatologists are selected for their expertise in various areas of skin care. The panel reviews non-prescription skin care products. It also aims to help consumers easily identify products that it has approved.

Review Process

The Dermatology Review Panel™ reviews every product through a standardized process. The product is reviewed by three reviewers who work independently.

Each reviewer goes over the product manufacturer’s submissions. The reviewer checks that there is acceptable scientific data that validates the product’s claims. Reviewers only check claims supported by scientific evidence.

The results from the review process are presented in a table.  The DRP’s Board of Governors makes a final decision on endorsing the product.

Approved products receive the DRP’s “Seal of Approval”. This seal is visible on the product and its’ packaging to help consumers.

Product Eligibility

The Dermatology Review Panel™ only reviews products if they meet the following conditions:

  • The product must be sold in Canada and
  • It must be a non-prescription product and
    • It must have a DIN (Drug Identification Number) or NHP (Natural Health Product) number or
    • A proven scientific benefit for consumers with skin, hair, and nail conditions or
    • Other scientific evidence to support claims

How Does The Dermatology Review Panel™ Help Consumers?

Consumers may often find it difficult to grasp all the claims a product makes. This task becomes more difficult with skin care products.

The Dermatology Review Panel™ Seal of Approval on a product shows that the product claims are backed by scientific evidence. The Seal of Approval makes it easy for consumers to quickly find DRP recommended products.

Independent Review

The Dermatology Review Panel™ has a robust review process. Dermatologists from across Canada work independently to verify product claims. When consumers choose products with the DRP Seal of Approval, they can be confident that the product meets the DRP’s highest standards.

The panel also reviews approved products every 3 years. This ensures products continue to meet the standards of the DRP. 

Accessible List of Approved Products

The Dermatology Review Panel™ makes it easy to find the consumer and skin care products it recommends. A complete list of the approved products and reviewed claims are available on the DRP website. The list is available in both English and French.