ProZema Probiotic Bundle Guarantee

ProZema Probiotic comes with a guarantee when you purchase a bundle of 3 ProZema units from our website. If you do not see an improvement after 90 days of use, we will refund your money*. 

To qualify for the guarantee, we require a few things from you. Before starting on ProZema (day of purchase or latest the day of receipt of order), please submit photos of your eczema spots along with a SCORAD report to Use subject “Bundle Guarantee”.

You can use the SCORAD calculator at A screen shot of the result is sufficient. 

At the end of your 90 day period of use with ProZema, please send us updated photos of the same spots along with an updated SCORAD report. Email them to using subject “Bundle Guarantee”.


Reach out to us at

*All refunds are subject to evaluation. We may call or email you for further information. Refund amount does not apply to any shipping or import charges. Photos and SCORAD results become the property of Volo Healthcare and maybe used for promotional purposes.