Eczema Around Eyes

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Eczema Around Eyes

Eczema around the eyes can be a frustrating condition. This skin condition can lead to red, inflamed, and itchy skin that can cause discomfort, swelling, and even vision problems if left untreated. Eczema in the eye area is often mistaken for an allergy so it is important to have a healthcare professional look at it. Common triggers for this condition include stress, harsh soaps and detergents. Exposure to irritants such as dust and pollution, even dry, cold air can be triggers as well.

Whether you are struggling with mild or severe symptoms, the good news is that you can manage this skin condition. Effective and natural therapies are available that can help to relieve the symptoms of eczema.

Eczema On Eyelid

One of the most commonly affected areas of eczema around the eyes is the eyelid. Symptoms of eczema can present as dry skin on the eyelid, patches of itchy, red skin, and even swollen areas. The itchiness can be very uncomfortable and can have a negative effect on your quality of life.

In some cases, eczema on the eyelid and on the surrounding area can leave patches of discoloration and hyperpigmentation. During a flare-up, the affected skin can have a bumpy texture as well. This can make it difficult to carry out your daily skin care and makeup routines. If you have eczema around your eyelids, it is recommended that you go through your skin care and hygiene products and look for potential irritants. Use products recommended by your dermatologist or ones made for sensitive skin.

Dry Red Patch Under Eye

A dry red patch under the eye is a common symptom of eczema around the eyes. This patch can be itchy and uncomfortable, and can cause the skin to appear red and irritated.

Your skin can flake off making it difficult to apply skincare products. Keeping your skin moisturized is a key part of eczema management. Opt for unscented, sensitive-skin formulated products to limit your eczema flare-ups and their duration.

If you have a severe case of eczema, any red patches can scar especially if you scratch it.  It is recommended that you visit a doctor to have your dry patch looked at.

Eye Eczema Causes

There are several factors that can lead to eczema around your eyes. Some of these include the following:

  • Family history of eczema or the atopic triad
  • Irritants in skincare, hygiene or cleaning products
  • Rough fabrics in clothing
  • Allergens such as pollen or animal dander
  • Stress
  • Cold, dry weather
  • Certain foods

Knowing and tracking your eczema triggers can help you prevent flare-ups and manage them when they do occur. A diary or worksheet can be an easy way to note down the foods you eat and the products you use. With this method you can have a personalized history to discuss with your dermatologist when your eczema flares up.

How To Treat Eczema Around Eyes

If you have eczema around your eyes, there are several treatment options available.  Your healthcare practitioner may recommend any of the following:

  • Moisturizers
  • Steroid creams
  • Antihistamines
  • Light therapy

Moisturizing your face can help to reduce skin dryness and calm the itchiness. Steroid creams are often recommended as a treatment option for eczema but they can have some side effects. Skin thinning, easy bruising, and increased risk of infection are some of side effects you can experience.

As a natural alternative, you can try probiotics for eczema. Specific blends of probiotics have been clinically shown to be effective in reducing eczema symptoms. Probiotics, such as ProZema, can help balance the your gut and skin microbiome and reduce inflammation.


An eczema flare-up around your eyes can be very discomforting and can affect your daily life. There are several factors that play a role in causing eczema and it’s important that you know your individual triggers. The skin around your eyes is delicate so you may need to consider any eczema treatment options carefully.

It is recommended that you speak to your doctor or dermatologist to create a treatment plan for eczema around your eyes.


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