ProZema Probiotic Bundle

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ProZema Probiotic Bundle comes with a product guarantee!

ProZema Probiotic features a patented blend of 3 unique probiotic strains:

  • Bifidobacterium lactis CECT 8145,
  • Bifidobacterium longum CECT 7347, and
  • Lactobacillus casei CECT 9104

ProZema Probiotic is a powder supplement packaged in individual sticks. The supplement is odourless with a neutral taste, and mixes into foods and liquids.

ProZema Probiotic is clinically proven to reduce the symptoms of eczema and atopic dermatitis in children between the ages of 4 years and up.

Although ProZema’s ingredients are free from allergen, ProZema is not certified allergen free. Read our allergen statement here.

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8 reviews for ProZema Probiotic Bundle

  1. Sonia

    I’ve had eczema on my legs, ankles and top of my feet for a few years now and the prescription medication from the dermatologist is very harsh on the skin. I tried this probiotic and, I can’t believe it! I felt and noticed a change after 1 month. Looking forward to completing the next 2 boxes.

  2. Adam

    Amazing product!
    My son has suffered from eczema for a long time and I have tried a lot of different things, we started using this, about two month ago, I have seen such a great improvement! Would highly recommend. I have just ordered my second bundle.

  3. Jacob

    Expensive product but seems to be the only thing that works for me.

  4. PJ

    Works great for my eczema!

  5. Kate

    I am repurchasing this suffering from ezcema for months now and this is a life saver.

    I have tried numerous other products, vaseline jelly, tea tree oil, countless hand creams, I even tried putting cream face mask on my hands LOL. I am telling you this better then all!

  6. Regina

    We have tried many eczema creams and none of them seemed to work beside those with steroid. Our son doesn’t have serious ezcema, but it does come back every winter. This probiotic is much better than the lotions. It works.

  7. Hanna

    Committing to the 90-day regimen was well worth it. The gradual but consistent improvement over this period was encouraging. ProZema doesn’t promise overnight miracles, but the steady progress is what sets it apart. By the end of the duration, I felt more in control of my eczema than ever before.

  8. Sultana

    The improvement in my SCORAD scores was a game-changer. ProZema not only alleviated my symptoms but also addressed the root cause. It’s reassuring to see a product backed by scientific studies delivering on its promises.

  9. Karola

    ProZema has been a life-changing discovery on my eczema journey. If you’re tired of the constant battle against eczema, give it a shot! It may take time, but the results are worth the commitment. I’m thrilled to have found a reliable and effective solution in ProZema.

  10. Signe

    I’ve been wrestling with eczema for ages, and ProZema has been a total game-changer!

  11. Reshma

    I’m all about simple, and ProZema gets it. Those daily powder sticks are a piece of cake to use. No more dealing with messy creams and prescriptions – just a quick daily dose, and I’m good to go. It’s become my daily ritual without any fuss.

  12. Neda

    Okay, so it’s not an overnight fix, but stick with it for 90 days, and you’ll see the difference. It’s like a slow and steady win against eczema. By the end of it, I felt like I finally had the upper hand on my skin issues.

  13. Bidane

    ProZema’s daily powder sticks are my new best friend. Super easy to use – no mess, no fuss. It’s become a seamless part of my daily routine without any hassle.

  14. Madie

    Amazing results

    My teenage son has suffered for years with constant scratching and rashes and subsequent skin infections.

    His dermatoligist gave us a sample box of Prozema about 2 weeks ago and I am actually startled by how quickly we saw improvements. Within just a few days his skin was nearly healed head to toe – the rashes were everywhere.

    Where has this product been hiding. Wish we had it 15 years ago when he started showing small patches of eczema. Now at 17, it looks like he may be able to live a more peaceful and healthy life. I thank God for you and Prozema.

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